Founded in 2003 by NYC Artist Erica Purnell, IGOTPINKEYE LLC is a recognizable and respected Lifestyle brand specializing in Art + Design and Bespoke Fashion.

We believe everyone has an inner expression that needs to be set free and shown to the world. IGOTPINKEYE creates infectious art for individuals that like to make statements.


The Sneaker Stylist Coming soon!

Clustered Collective Relaunching Sept '14

Saturday September 6, 2014


Stollway 250 West 39th Street NYC

Click Here for more info and Tickets

"Your sneaker art has opened a whole new world to me... THANKS!!" - Judy Kaplan, NY

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"Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there. Pink Eye not only TURNS IT UP, but takes it to the next level. I am proud to say I am infected!" - Tiffany K., NY

"Thanks for giving my Supra's that Pink Eye touch. I took my kicks for a walk today and they stopped rush-hour traffic. Say Word." -Joy, Canada

How to Ditch the Corporate World & Rock Your Own
HOW TO DITCH THE CORPORATE WORLD AND ROCK YOUR OWN by Sibyl White encourages all those who are at a crossroads in their careers or lives by offering not merely a "how-to" manual of "dos and don'ts," but also a very personal walk with ordinary people who were once in the very same place-with the very same fears, frustrations and aspirations-who took chances, persevered and attained success.

Read personal stories of people just like you who were stuck in boring or dead-end jobs in the corporate world or were laid off. "Everyday folk" who utilzed their own skills, talents, passions, experiences, and ingenuity and became entrepreneurs who built sucessful businesses from the ground up.

Check out IGOTPINKEYE's Founder, Erica Purnell featured story of developing her talent and what she loved into a world-renowed brand. She also offers tips and tricks of the trade to help others bring their ideas to the forefront and into fruition.

Purchase e-Book – $4.99 (158 pages)
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